One Direction Updates

"If a rumor doesn't go away, it isn't a rumor" - Elton John 🐸☕️ Crying but in a cool way

I would shove all of those items up my ass
What is wrong with the world
what the FUCK is wrong with the people who are angry at Ariana cancelling the rest of her tour SOME PEOPLE LOST THEIR CHILDREN, THEIR BEST FRIENDS, THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS SO SHUT UP ABOUT THE TOUR BEING CANCELLED GOOD LORD
If Ariana cancels her tour and I see people complaining about it I'm gonna go off at them
I love louis in yellow sm
Im constantly crying but it's never in a cool way it's in a im so stressed when will it end way
I wish harry could go back in time and perform with Freddie Mercury
Dis is my face
I feel like u guys should know what I look like
Here u go I hate me
Someone be my friend thanks
Listening to the songs liam wrote for one direction then listening to the stuff he has now and who he is going to work with, his style of music is so different I don't understand
Liam said that he doesn't love Harry's music cause it's not his type of music and people are saying he is throwing shade at harry, also harry is doing so so well I'm so so proud
I would honestly marry James I love him so much
Apparently Trashley and Banana were kicked out or not allowed into the Troubadour to watch Harry perform last night im laughing
I live for unseen photos of the boys with their families
I'm gonna miss harry being on the Late Late show
I'm not the biggest fan of Liam's song at all tbh I'm kinda disappointed in it I thought I'd like it more
I'm so so happy for Harry for being able to sing with his idol omg omg
This is the best carpool karaoke yet
Gotta keep it PG
Niall come set me up with a hot celebrity thanks
I don't even like Justin Bieber but omg I love him for this tweet
What are your thoughts on Liam's song???
Update: I found it
I am so not ready for this
My sister is adamant that Two Ghosts is about Taylor swift like bitch you just have to watch this performance to know it's about louis
If you wanna see live updates from one of Harry's concerts then add me in Snapchat!! I'll be snap chatting a lot if it so adddd meee 👻SC: emmaknowlesy
Will he ever take his rings off
This is amazing

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