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Recently, I feel like I've been carrying a little more water than usual so I'm taking the necessary steps to get rid of it 💧 Here are some tips on debloating so you can look and feel leaner:
1) drink ...
*lets hair down*
When girls borrow puppies that aren't theirs for photos for aesthetics 💯😂🎈
My faves 💋🎉
Throwback to when i was dripping in my swimsuit but everyone reeeeeeeeally hoped I just peed my pants. 🙄🐰 @playboy
Hey hi how ya dern
Looking at the smile on my face, you wouldn't know the rocks cut me up pretty bad 😩😂
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March and April have been pretty brutally life changing for me. Afterward, I completely forgot how to take care of my self for a while, in more ways than just physical health and fitness. -
A lot of people fail ...
I'll miss you. 🌴🌊
You might think she's looking at you but really she's daydreaming about what's for lunch 👱🏼‍♀️💭
😁🌴 Where are my followers from??
One of my favorite ways to keep things interesting with staying fit is switching up my atmosphere. If you're in the mood for a circuit, find a park. In the mood for a run? Hit the beach. No one wants ...
I can't waittttt for summer ☀️ if it wasn't gonna be 100 degrees 😭 -

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Keep it trill, my friends 🤙🏼😂
I really appreciate that Cali weather when I'm in Texas heat 😅☀️ -
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"Noooo, I have no idea why that caramel apple tastes like an onion" 😇😈😂 #aprilfools @karlogomez
Baby keep smilin' ☀️
Try this on your next back day 👉🏼 -
On each row, squeeze at the top of the contraction and hold for a second. Keep it controlled on the negative. -
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Sometimes you just need to re-evaluate, regroup, and relax. 😌Spending this week out in nature as much as possible 🌿 -
Brought my favorite mango bcaas with me for a sweet drink (use my code courtney10 on the @ehplabs site ...
When in Texas, do as the Texans do 🐖 #bbq #andadietcoke 😂
Have you ever loved someone so much you'd give an arm for her | and you would destroy anyone who would try to harm her
Happy girl 😊 -

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