☁️Where the Wild Things Are ☁️ Where is your travel travel destination? 🛩🛳
In order to change your body, you must change your mind. #focus 👊🏼💥
Girls can be strong too 👌🏼
Who else loves eggs and avocado in the morning?? 😍 They are a staple in my mornings 🐣 The protein from the eggs and heathy fat from the avocado helps keep you full until lunchtime! 👌🏼 .. To make these:
Craving the beach 🌊 What vacations are y'all planning this summer?
Current mood: 😜 .
Comment your current mood emoji 👇🏼
When the traffic is LA but the humidity is Texas AF 💦
Love this bikini by @perfectsculpts 👙 I've been in the water practically every day since being in the Texas heat, so I'll take all the bikinis I can get 😅
Happy Father's Day, Bud 😎 #rideordie (swipe 👉🏼)
Three tricep exercises on the cable only- sped up a bit 🐇 When performing any of these moves, try to keep your elbows from moving around too much. Pause in the middle of each rep and keep it slow and ...
Seriously appreciating how tan my white @perfectsculpts bikini makes me look 😂🙏🏼🙏🏼
"Be a little more you & a lot less them" 💙✌🏼
Bedtime calls for OxyREM 🔥 It's a non-stimulant thermogenic fat burner that promotes R.E.M. deep sleep 😴 @ehplabs - discount code: 'courtney10'
Summer is for water volleyball, BBQ, and cute bikinis 😍🏐 - mine is by @perfectsculpts
What's for lunch?! 😋🍴One of my favorite proteins to incorporate into meals is salmon. I love it for it's flavor (especially when baked in panko bread crumbs or grilled!) but it's even better in how it affects your health in ...
It's summertime in Texas which means I'm extra excited to start my 28 day detox with @skinnymintcom 🙌🏼 Just making sure to combine it with a healthy diet and training regimen 🔥 #skinnymint #teatox #ad
The Captain ⚓️
Ranger and I are loving our new @lullbed mattress so far! No need to count sheep 😜
#getyourlullon #sponsored  Get $50 off at lull.com/sale #beautysleep #newbed #lovemylull #sweetdreams #sleep cc: @johnsonsportsent
What's your favorite body part to train? 🤔
Spinning/cycling is my personal favorite form of cardio 🚴🏼‍♀️ it's totally up to you how challenging your ride is based on how much resistance you add and how much you put into it! 💪🏼 Currently, I do stairs twice a ...
'Tis the season, y'all 🛥🛥
Tag a girl that lifts 💪🏼😼
🖤 Shopping day 🖤 - sometimes people on IG make it seem easy to get in all your meals throughout the day, but it's not always that simple. When I know I'm going to be running around for hours at ...
Bulking complete..... cut day 1 commence! 🙌🏼 Now where's that bowl of oatmeal emoji 😂
🏡📫 Where are all my followers from??
"Finally feeling like myself for the first time in a long time" 😊🎶
Y'all know how I love my upper body days 😎 - keep it slow and controlled rather than bouncing to make sure your muscles stay engaged throughout the entire movement. Sipping on @ehplabs 🍍pineapple🍍bcaas during my workout to aid in ...

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