DeMille Cole-Heard


Life is a collection of memories. Learn from the bad ones. Let go of the painful ones. Hold on to the happy ones.
My baby-girl isn't such a baby anymore. Officially the proudest big brother ever!
Holy Ground. 📸 @thegreat9913
Appreciate the commentary
When I was a child, I'd pray for summer to rapidly approach.. eagerly counting down each moment. Now I pray for the moments to linger, while attempting to make each of them feel like summer.
Fighting back tears. So proud of my baby sister.... just look at all that black girl magic. The fact that she chose to follow in my footsteps and call Clark Atlanta University home is an even greater honor. Run the ...
Let me find out my grandpa been on this #maleromper 😂
Know where you're going, but not at the expense of knowing where you come from.
I wasn't physically with her last week on Mother's Day so we're catching up on lost time... I'm just trying to figure out how she keeps aging backward 🤔 #mom #blessed
Be the energy you want to attract.
"If you are ashamed to own me before men, I'll be ashamed to own you before my Father."
Rise & Grind! Go out and get everything out of this day that you possibly can. I believe in you!
The distance between your dreams and where you are is called action.
No shortcuts on this ladder to success.
📸 @neilbailey__
Don't live for the applause... 'cause if you do, you might get lost. 📸 @neilbailey__
It's been quite a while since a song made my soul feel. Listening to this record literally gave me chills. It's melody and lyrical content were so infectious, I couldn't stop singing it. Nothing compares to @4everbrandy & @sirthebaptist of ...
What a difference a year makes. #fbf
I'd fail miserably if I attempted to be anyone else.... and that's just not an option. 📸 @neilbailey__ ...
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You brought the sunshine. 📸: @neilbailey__ #thebaileyimage #demillecoleheard
Life is full of joy... but it can only be found when you choose to find it. 📸 @neilbailey__
Never backing down... not even on a Monday 📸 @neilbailey__
It doesn't matter if they're watching. Just be content in knowing that HE is watching.
Weapons form but won't propers. "They" can only bring you down if you let them. 📸 @neilbailey__
Help is appreciated, but not necessary. I got this. 📸: @neilbailey__ #thebaileyimage #demillecoleheard
Outside the lines.... ....📸 @neilbailey__
#thebaileyimage #demillecoleheard
When you realize the power you need to move mountains is already inside you.
#demillecoleheard #thebaileyimage
Welcoming summer. Join me. 📸 @neilbailey__
#thebaileyimage #demillecoleheard
Prayed for a productive Saturday, then made it happen!
Guess I wasn't slipping that week. #fbf

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