I'm going to say hi to mom first!! 🐶❤️
Crazy playtime with my friends😱🐶
I was so tiny 🐶💕
Mom and me after large quantities of water and soap were thrown at me😒🐶💕
Having a conversation with the little hooman 💕🐶👶🏻
Now it's nap time 😴🐶
Stretching it out this morning 😴🐶💕
Remembering how tiny I was 🐶💕
When playtime gets too crazy 😍🐶💕
I wonder who's digging out the plants 🤔... it obviously wasn't me 😇🐶💕
Hey aunty @talijaharris are you gonna pet me? 😬🐶💕
Missing my favorite bush 😪💕🐶
#fbf back when I was in big grassy fields. I miss them 😪😴🐶
Dog life is the best life 😍🐶
Hii give me food 😄😍🐶
I'm just nappin' for a bit 🐶😴❤️
Hi friends 🙄🐶❤️
I saw some treats falling 🙄🐶❤️
My little brother 😒🐶💕
Today is a good day to sit on grass 😍🐶💕
Brother sleepy time 😴🐶
Oh no! Where's my canine 😱🐶💕
Aunty abuses me 😪🐶 @talijaharris
Hello guys!!🐶💕
Goodnight 😴🐶
Sleeping on my little cousin's lap 😴❤️💕
Just a ball of fur😘 goodnight😴🐶
I am the terror of the night muahahahhaha 😈🐶💕
Throwback to me and my friend Luna sleeping together😴🐶💕
I love stealing my brother's toy💕🐶❤️

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