New summer editions are here 🌴we made a limited edition of the Handpoke Woman tee in soft yellow, with original art nude by @laurie_franck. Shop new pieces on
Tomorrow 🍋 two new editions will be here
Two new editions are coming on Tuesday 👁
We made a new summer edition with @laurie_franck! It will be live next week 🍋
After sun glow ☀️
Anna in a custom matching pair of the "Abstract Nude with Nipple" collab with @laurie_franck 💘
@waltz_studio ♡ #whatiworeonmars
The spirit of a Panton-Eames rug got into my sparkling water
Summer editions on the way 👁
Abstract² 🙃 earring made as an interpretation of @laurie_franck's drawing. Find it online in silver and gold ✨
Anna & the Oysters ✨
Silver nude on ice with @laurie_franck 👙
Misadventures in ⚡️photography, Nude No. 2 Long based on a single line drawing by @laurie_franck
Portrait of a Human at Midday
Tel Avivian summer ☀️☀️☀️
Tel Aviv ✈️ Berlin :))) Knobbly x @laurie_franck
x 🌞x
Our archived riso fanzine from 2016, telling the story of @laurie_franck's and my first year working together ♡
rg @kloneyourself
Swaying Lady on @_velybyeon | Knobbly x @laurie_franck collaboration piece ✨
Perlmutter 👁👁
No piercing, no problem 🙃
Nipples in odd places
Cleo in Morocco wearing a Deconstructed Nude with its 9k gold nipple, my collaboration with @laurie_franck 💕based on a tattoo that Laurie did. I love how it's firmly abstract and at the same time unmistakably a female form.
#whatiworeonmars rose gold nude pin
Imperfect pair ✨earrings based on drawings by @laurie_franck. These are the colors of Tel Aviv until September.
Silver n gold

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