🐥°•Lᴀᴜʀᴇɴ Jᴀᴜʀᴇɢᴜɪ•°🐥

❤ᴅᴊ💛 ɴᴋ💚 ᴀʙ💙 ᴄᴄ️💜 🤓5Hмeмes🤓 🌈5Hzone🌈 ᵇᵉ ᵗʰᵉ ᴮʳᵃᵛᵒ ᵗᵒ ᵐʸ ᵀʰᵃᶰᵏ ʸᵒᵘᵘᵎ😏 🐤1,9k Chickens🐤

"Do not blinded by their beauty..".. too late💙 she stole my heart a long time ago...
No, no, don't let her smile fool
Don't let her eyes confuse
Red lips always lie
'Cause her red lips have a filthy prize
That's murder in her paradise
I hope Lauren likes abstract art (: ❤️ @laurenjauregui "It abstract art should be enjoyed just as music is enjoyed - after a while you may like it or you may not" _Jackson Pollock
WHO is excited for #cryingintheclub ? ❤️ I can tell u now ... ITS GONNA BE GREEEEEEAT #camilacabello #fridayclub #cryingintheclubfriday #camilizers #cc1 #51927
Kehlani with 2 puppies is the best thing ever 🐶💙🐶
"The world is cruel, but also very beautiful" 💙
Puppies adopted puppies 🐶 wuff wuff
Feminist. Intelligence. Flawless. Talented. Hope. Hot. Amazing. Real. Majestic. OMG. Nature. Y'all 🙈💙😂
YES YES YES 🔥 new outfits 🔥❤️
They judge me like a picture book by the colors, like they forgot to read

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