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Good intentions. Est 1989 | Dreamer | Super thinker | Aspiring British Actor | Artist 🎭 Please visit my go fund me link and read my story

Hello guys. Please check out www.gofundme.com/leighsactingdream to help me on my journey to acting school or follow the link in my bio. New video up as someone made an upsetting comment 'find a job to go fund myself' so had ...
Instagram community I implore you to take the time to read this and HELP me take a place at acting school. I have until Sept 2017 to come up with the right funding otherwise the opportunity will pass. I have ...
Talking a walk with nature.
We are not an individual species. We are a team, a team that should be working together. We were not born to be alone. Think about who you could be helping. Think about your privileges and someone else's disadvantages. Think ...
Has to be one of my favourite movies and one of the best acted characters I've seen. Such an inspiration.
So I was accepted at an acting school to do a degree in London at Court Theatre Training Company. One of the few opportunities I've had and humbled to have been accepted. Now to try raise the funds so I ...
I saw the opportunity and took it
American Gods - just watched the first episode! Very promising, clever, gritty and some strong characters. Loved it.
An extract of the Macbeth dagger monologue ill be submitting for an acting school audition. Love playing sinister roles and after plenty of practice and takes I can see improvement.
Hello Instagram community.
Recently I decided to try and follow my dream of becoming an actor at the age of 28. I had an appalling upbringing and I suppose when it came to me turning 16 I thought at that ...
Day 2 of bake-a-thon. Made a lemon curd flapjacky mixture and it is tasty!
Just produced the most delicious jam flapjacks which have now been consumed - compliments of me, chef Mason.
So, went and watched Logan today and it was such an enjoyable and great watch. This film was different, edgy, adult, real, it featured some brilliant acting and boasted amazing visual effects. It had me chuckling in parts, especially when ...
When your indecisive
Pink sky with a view of trees in Lincoln this evening.
Feeling extra motivated this morning, so I will take advantage. Rehearsing my lines for my first acting audition at RADA in a couple of weeks. Should be an interesting experience.
My life has started out shaky, which is an understatement, you probably wouldn't believe half of it if I told you. The bulk of it consisted of no support, terrible upbringing, unfortunate circumstances, no family backing etc etc, it's always ...
Yass. Pancakes + Nutella + ice cream + lemon + sugar + honey 🥞
Reached a crossroads in my life...do you ever just sit and think I want to be somebody, to make a difference and to make an impact on other people's lives for the better. I've always wanted to be an actor ...
Embarking on a lifelong choice to follow and pursue my dreams of acting and won't stop until I achieve it. Auditions at some acting schools in a month with little experience but will give it my best shot, if I ...
Macbeth - Shakespeare. Need to learn monologues!
Just discovered this boomerang app which resulted in me messing around with it for 10 minutes 😂🤡
Brilliant film. Feeling nostalgic and watching Romeo + Juliet. If you love English you have to love this film. 'These violent delights have violent ends'
Beards back.
Christmas Day. Be merry and cool 🎅🏼
Mischief managed.. cool Harry Potter pressie! Reveals the map when hot.
Cats & Christmas trees don't mix
Winter blues ❄️

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