I don't eat what I cook. Montreal

...when your multitasking game is strong:
🐎Pan numero uno: horse steak w/mustard & sumac for somewhat a hint of flavour 😅
🐖Pan numero due: herb crusted pork chop & balsamic reduction & caramelized onions
Eat smart 💪
Cheers to the Queen! Cheers to the long weekend🥖🧀 ...cheers to me for staying on #teamsober while hosting all these boozy festivities chez moé 🥂 #gettinghighonmusclerelaxants
Casual Thursday night dinner two ways:
🦌Plate numero uno: elk steak & egg & greens (higher protein content + fats + whatever carbs that come along w/lettuce, traces of sodium ) 🐖Plate numero due: pork chop & bacon infused roasted ...
...had to delay my fiesta cause cheat days normally fall on Saturday; happy Seis de Mayo ya'll! Pulled chicken nachos topped with esquites aka Mexican street corn salad. Side of homemade guac, pico de gallo and chipotle crema🌮🌮 for the ...
Free smoke, free smoke💨
I rarely post meals prepared by others, however this one deserved to be featured here: home smoked chicken wings sent to me (and prepared) by my Mom earlier this week 🍗 Can't wait to go back ...
...when you go on vacation forever ago and your photos are TBT's for years 🇷🇺 Major craving for these little dudes! Pirozhki! Traditional fried or baked buns made from yeast dough stuffed with a variety of fillings (potatoes, cabbage, eggs ...
...cause pre-gaming your dinner with some more food is a Saturday night must in this household 🐷🧀
My gravy brings all the boys to the yard 💁🙆 Throwing it back to this maple/whiskey (#chickenwings, #bacon...) gravy for venison poutine from couple of weeks ago 🍠
Baby Bambi & All kind of *hopefully delts* gains in a spotlight tonight: sweet potato venison poutine topped w/whiskey&maple gravy🦌🍠
It's a habibis ting yeah?🙆
Building up some appetite w/ homemade hummus topped with falafels (also homemade!), shawarma dressed sausage, olives, spicy oil & sumac!
PS skrrt skrrt... gains 💁
Little Friday night must-bake(&eat) in my household: maple & chocolate chunks & hazelnut banana loaf 🍌
Major homesickness (...and carb depletion) feels tonight: throwing it back to the best carbs ever created that I got to enjoy this past January: local pale ale (dem Russian genes though... #bornalcoholic) & Borodinsky: sourdough pumpernickel bread sweetened with molasses ...
Boozy Irish vibes in the house tonight🍀 Guinness braised wild boar sausages, Guinness sweet potatoes, Guinness/Dijon gravy, Irish soda bread. Happy Saint Patrick's ya'll! Cheers🍻
Tacos loaded with russian stout-braised bambi🦌, chipotle slaw&guacamole. Topped with fresh cilantro, onions and aged mozza🌮 all that lean protein (alongside with excessive carbs and fats😖) for the love of dem gains: let those delts grow tonight💪 #eatwhatyoukill #fromfieldtoplate
Tuna tacos (mango & cabbage slaw) and salmon sashimi (maple/chipotle & dijonnais dressings on the side) 🌮 Cheers to those long awaited cheat nights🙏
PS legs are out of commission due to a partial tear of the hamstring muscle meaning ...
Over-night-marinated-skirt-steak sandwich on a freshly baked baguette w/sweet&savory caramelized onions, bell pepper, bacon, provolone cheese. All kind of juicy gains from last Saturday🍖💪
PS this is not my plate though...after over indulging the night before, had no choice but to ...
This Woman🙌 My best friend, my role model, my inspiration❤ Throwing it back to our coffee date when I made her discover & fall in love with hipster (aka almond&soy) fake milk options over those ginormous cappuccino's☕️
PS Good ol'Russian ...
Typical of Russian feasts: this mini pie (always made in batches) called Kurnik aka homemade (!!!) puff pastry filled with poached chicken, potatoes and onions! 🍗
This🙌 Seledka aka Pickled Herring & Onions on Pumpernickel - perfect bite to go with your favourite brew 🇷🇺🇮🇱 PS such munchies (as well as those local brews😂) indeed contributed to some extra pounds gained over my vacation in Russia ...
Throwing it back to these salmon wellies (w/cream cheese, parmigiano, spinach, dill, chives) from NYE dinner🥂🌲
5 à 7: home smoked salmon & local brews 🍺
PS using newspaper as a plate (napkin and tupperware) is a MUST btw🇷🇺
Apéro done right: Tin of caviar, pumpernickel bread & dill pickles🇷🇺 #notsohealthyeating
Poutine, champagne & those peanut truffles aka LIFE🙌 Happy 2017 Mother Russia!! Hola from the future to my fellow Canadians🌲🥂
My Momma don't like you...and she likes everyone🙌

PS our first Christmas together... in 6 (!!!) years!
Protein on protein: throwing it back to this succulent Elk steak topped with a runny soft egg🍳 All kind of gains in one perfect little bite💪
Chicken shawarma, sumac sweet potato fries & loaded hummus: Middle Eastern inspired feast for @meegsjane last night🍗Come visit us here in Montreal more often!
Casual fiesta mexicana chez moé tonight: Mexico city shrimp w/mojo chipotle dressing, smokey guac & spicy créma🌮 Cheers to those long awaited cheat nights! Cheers to Habs! Cheers to Kovalev🍷
PS zero cheers goes to cardio tomorrow morning
Eat the rainbow🌈Mezze spread from last night was followed by Fattoush salad aka the bread salad aka the best kind of salad🙌 fresh veggies, crispy pita bread & minty sumac pomegranate dressing did its magic 💫
Middle Eastern vibes in da house tonight! 🍷Starting off with my very own homemade falafels, roasted garlic hummus, minty labneh & beet mutabal with crispy pita&sumac flat bread alongside for dipping (aka gains) purposes🖖
PS nevermind those beet stained fingers ...
Tonight's throwback is brought you by one hungry Thursday night in a lab: spicy hot chipotle/sweet potato hummus! 🍠Would give anything for a bite of that naan bread right now!

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