Jam Ibarra

99's risk taker

Under this awkward circumstance.
Hindi ko namiss pumasok sa school pero namiss ko yung uniform ko. ✌
Go the distance... #leftbehind
Ily. ♥
blurr for tuhday!!
Yah bitch ❗❗
Your body is your home
Follow @smcyberzone to find the perfect #travelph gadget companions this summer. #itsmorefuninthephilippines #cyberzonethetechauthority
I realize the way your eyes deceive me...
Who knows the secret tomorrow will hold? Telstra. 😂
coffee dares to explore my emotions. #moveonsamcdo
"just walk and live life"
i'm done *walk out*
Beach please...
lo st
Standing in the eye of the storm, ready to face this. -Not Afraid Anymore//Halsey. 🎧
shy type #demure 😂
Always in the mood for you. ♥
...and i can't change. even if i tried, even if i wanted to 🎶 #samelove
deep on your bone, i can feel you. 🎧❤
a bitch is replaceable, a queen is not 🎧
Happy birthday, kath! Love you.
Don't know what to do without this app. ❤ #watty #lul
fatimanians. 👆❤ #abm #1119
What do you mean? ✌
"I'm in love with him, too. But it shouldn't be this fast." --Roseanne Aranjuez. ❤
to my mind and to my soul you touch my lips.

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