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Just another broken kid. 0 Days clean

She took a deep breath,
She counted to three,
A picture in her head,
Of who they wanted me to be.

They wanted her to be normal,
Happy and kind.
They never thought,
That this girl would be blind.

Not ...
So--this is where we are.
After coming so far,
This is what it's come to.
After all we've been through,
We're still where we started:
Bruised and broken-hearted.

You'd think after fighting this long
We'd become safe and strong.
But ...
Depression, my friend and yet you are my foe.
You hold my hand through my tortuous times
And sail with me through the wings of birds
And the smell of leaves.
You have known me for a long time and ...
Life is a bitter sweet pill
I am forced to take against my will
Everyone trying to pull me
Back into so called reality
Why, I ask, what does it hold?
Don't they see I have nothing, I am so ...
Where is that cheerful girl I used to know?
I look in the mirror and it's like I don't even recognize myself.

I look so down and tired, I don't see that girl who was so happy so long ago.

When you feel so lonely and can't sleep at night,
because everything gives you a fright.
The pain and the sadness takes control,
and once again you're all alone.
The pain I feel is torturing,
my life isn't really worth ...
my pain runs so deep I feel like it is inside of me
running through my veins
carving me up as it goes
I don't want to feel like this
but does anybody care?
I doubt it
I'm a liability
My Closest Friend

The emptiness now becomes my closest friend,
To live each day as it passes just as lonely as the last,
The inside is crying hidden suddenly by the smile,
To feel acceptance is to open up to ...
Can't you see
The pain in my eyes?
But this is me
And my life.
If you hold me close
You can hear my heart
It cries more than most
From being torn apart.
After every breath I take,
After ...
It is the darkest, deepest place one can travel to alone,
A solo journey filled with struggles and groans.
Every day is a new battle against the same foe,
But the enemy fights back with psychological blows.
It creeps up ...
Days of endless struggle
More hopeful pills today
Trying to appear 'normal'
In some sort of way.

It seems that the struggle
Is always here with me
And I wouldn't be here now
If guilt would leave me be

I ...
Hiding the hurt, hiding the pain
Hiding the tears that fall like rain.
Saying I'm fine, when I'm anything but.
This ache in my soul rips at my gut.
My skin is on fire, I burn from within.
The calm ...
She stood on the bridge
In silence and fear
For the demons of darkness
Had driven her here

They cut her heart
Right out of her chest
Making her believe
That the demons knew best
They were always there
Sometimes ...

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