here to vent. pro recovery

you have been surviving, but now you are fighting so you can start living. tw

sorry for being inactive life is crazy at the moment
whats one good thing that happened today?
not your baby x
Q: favorite guilty pleasure food?
A: im a huge sweets person so like cake or ice cream 😞😝😝😝
Sorry for being inactive im still trying to figure out what i want my theme to be. suggestions?
good morning 💓 whats your plan for today??
i need a nap
i have no words
starting a new theme x
im using this account as inspiration to beat my BED and lead a healthy lifestyle.
goodnight xxxxx
want you to want me
just watched alien covenant it was ok
so close to 2k im screaming
you make me so happy 💞💞💞
want to be in hawaii right now
Q: what time is it for you?
A: 9:39am
good morning
if nobody told you today, i love you ❤️
confession: i never went to prom because i felt too fat and ugly to wear a dress 😞
do you guys not like it when i spam?
130 more followers til 2k 😱😱😱
i just feel so out of control
today was bad :(
Q: who is your fav youtuber(s)?
A: dont hate me but pewdiepie lol and jacksepticeye
i didnt even realize it was friday today lol

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