✨don't seek to be relevant, or liked, seek to be undeniable. seek to be compassionate. seek integrity. seek humility. seek Light✨

good morning 🌸
bomb af vegan soulfood at random restaurant in the hague love it
life is exciting
the hair on our heads is praised for being long and beautiful, but our body hair is seen as disgusting. why? they both grow out of our skin. if someone is offended or disgusted by my natural body hair, then ...
friends not food
can we have a third eye emojo please
after listening to abraham a lot i often catch myself thinking negative and mean thoughts and then trying to justify them because they’re “true”. but who cares whats true? none of my thoughts are true. for every thought i think ...
dinner: portobello burgers, black beans, vegan sausages, brown rice, avocado, mixed greens, corn crisps & lime juice as dressing THIS WAS SO GOOD OMG!! i may be a pig but at least im a healthy pig and at least i ...
thanks bae @kasumikriss 4 tagging me to share 20 random facts abt me 😄💞 here they are:
1. I wish humans would live the way they live in that movie Avatar. One with Mother Nature Eywa that would be so ...
me in my natural habitat
i would like to thank the universe for all the times i almost missed my train but still caught it
vegan sausage rolls! filling made of tofu, white beans and lots of different spices
for the past few weeks or so, i haven’t been feeling that good. i’ve been stressing out way too much over certain things (read: college) and for the last couple of days i’ve been experiencing headaches, back pain, chest pain ...
YUM #vegan
my friend gave me this plant so i could grow my own beans but then my rabbits ate it smh 😥
climbin 🌳
vegan burgers 🙊
my response to exams: ok but do i have to???? 😩😩 (this is also my response to bras, relationships, washing the dishes, cold showers and any temperature below 15° celsius)
fruit is a meal and i am prepared to fight anyone who says otherwise
you don't need to eat chicken periods @wthfilm
new what i eat in a day video up 💜🌺😌 link in bio
me as a ufc fighter

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