zayn malik

some people can do art and be art at the same time

Rip to the beautiful angels that we lost last night,Ariana loves you.
Zayn is a work of art.
Hannah Baker or Clay Jensen?
Gn guys.šŸ’—šŸŒš
Good sunday everybody.šŸ’–šŸŒ·
Fetus Zayn is what i live for.
I hope everyone is having a good day.šŸŒ»
Zayn in 1D or solo?
How are you?
I feel so tired,wHY SCHOOL EXISTS.
Strip That Down is sooo good.šŸ”„
Strip That Down is out tomorrow,i can't wait anymore.
I miss One Direction so much.
Hello,hope everyone had a great day.šŸŒ·
Tysm for 5500 followers.šŸ’˜
Goodnight,love you all.šŸ’—šŸŒš
Heyyy,do you prefer a ziam duet or zouis?šŸŽµ
You're welcome.
I really hope that one day i'll be to a Zayn concert or 1d concert w @pinkclovdss
I love her a lot.
Niall is a blessing for the 1d fandom,i love him very much and he should be more appreciated.
Okay visto che molti me lo stanno chiedendo vi spiego tutto.Ho iniziato a scrivere in inglese perchƩ mi seguono molto page 'straniere' e quasi sotto ogni post mi chiedono la traduzione ed io mi scoccio ogni volta di tradurre haha.A ...
Zigi is ridiculous lol anyway gn.šŸ’–šŸŒš
What would i do without Zayn?
Tb to Zayn performing at last year's Wango Tango,such a zlessing.
Gm lovely people,how are you doing?šŸ’–
Hello everybody,favourite 1d album?šŸŽ¶
Protect this baby at all cost.

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