Munka és hivatás - hivatás és munka. Mennyire más gondolatok jutnak az eszünkbe róla. Munka: a felesleges rossz, a megélhetés stb. Semmiképp sem pozitív érzelmeket keltő gondolatok. Nemde?

Hivatás: mondd ki hangosan! Teljesen máshogy cseng. Elhivatva vagy valami által. Elhivatottság: ...
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Anabolic Designs Supplements developed for athletes, ...
•« Proud But Never Satisfied »•
Yesterday's post-workout photo at the gym.
Shredz and veins of a hard pose, like the photo that I uploaded before some days, are great indeed.
But the point is to look aesthetic even without ...
Post conscience ----------------------------.
Bonjour les sangliers.
Je pense qu'il est important de faire quelques rappels. Depuis quelques jours nous sommes engagés sur le nord de la corse pour d'important feux de forêts.
La condition physique et son attrait ...
Big shout out to my boy @bent3_hernandez . There is nothing but TRUTH in this post. Thank you for being supportive brother and thank you for motivating to be a better person/athlete. True story when i met this guy i ...
265 2x3
275 1x3
Makin a hella comeback
Redeeming myself today with squats because that's all i'm good at tbh 🙄
First love ❣︎
📸 @cwnarkiewicz
👕 @iijinusa #iijin #iijinusa
Finally got all of the remnant's of the #prosthetics off of my #body and #hair lol. I miss my #twd #walkingdead #amctwd #walker #zombie #face she's so #adorable 😂😂 #selfie #pic #potd #picoftheday #fit #fitfam #fitchick #fitfemales #aesthetics #aestheticarmy #physique ...
Lush music like this - dirty uludag - cybernetic daydream streaming 24/7 on #saucewaveradio💦🌊 link in the bio 💦⠀
This sport can be very very selfish at times but only the ones who spend day in and day out for 16 weeks or so going threw the process understand the struggle! But no matter what I always try to ...
JEFF SEID MOTIVATION 2017 BY AESTHETIC ARMY My first video guys. Thank you for 1k followers on instagram. If you like this video, please like it and subscribe my channel. I promise more better bodybuilding ...
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Christian Guzman | Aesthetic Fitness Motivation | Fit Ambition Christian Guzman | Aesthetic Fitness Motivation | Fit Ambition We have the ambition to stay fit. Check out our Instagram: ...
Aesthetic Army - India ! We appreciate & thank each and everyone who had been to our booth at the expo. Aesthetic Nation & the whole team was overwhelmed by the response we ...
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