Walked away from my aunt and she said, “Marcus, you’re getting thick!”
Am I the only person that just gets a massage on their butt because it stays so sore 4rm the weight of carrying it. #bigbootyproblems
Having a big butt makes all shorts look like booty shorts and all skirts look like mini skirts 😩 #bigbootyproblems
All my jeans are stretched the fuck out 😩 #bigbootyproblems
Got offered a lift to school nearly put my hip out trying to squeeze my fat arse in 😂 #bigbootyproblems
Sometimes, I can get really grumpy.. but you try being cheerful all the time when you literally always have a wedgie #BigBootyProblems
Dresses be looking long and end up being too short 😒 #bigbootyproblems
BIG BOOTY PROBLEMS! Everyone has preferences, and it's not uncommon to assume that our black brothers have a preference for booty over boobs. This assumption is put to the test to ...
BIG BUTT PROBLEMS Hi, watch this til the end. I promise you won't regret it. Well I can't promise that, but I can promise that big butts are a struggle man. Do any of you suffer from these ...
Full Crate - Big Booty Problem [Riddim] Awaiting his anticipated “Vogue EP” Full Crate surprisingly releases the party anthem 'Big Booty Problem'. After making waves in Amsterdam clubs for a couple ...

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