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I had this in my room for 2 years now and today was the day that I thought "I could do something with that lil mf" so I did and this is the result.

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Autumn vibes
Another crumby video of me singing, don't listen to it. #bad #singing #boredaf Winter Everywhere -Slaves ft. Tilian
Somebody talk to me I’m bored. All I want is love!!!! #loveme #boredaf
#mood #glasses #boredaf #blue #bluelove 💙
So, I‘m still grumpy, because searching for a job while you’re 30 and a woman is, let’s put it delicately, a pain in the ass! Do a PhD in Chemistry, they said. You‘ll get a job easily, they said.
The ...
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BORED AF Sorry im shit at drifting and editing :D.
What To Do When You're BORED AF! In this video I'm showing you fun things to do when you're bored! Let me know what your favorite thing to do when you're bored is down below! Goodwall: ...
Bored AF If you watch my shit you need to reevaluate your life.

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