Micheal part 1/3 This is the first imagine for @Nadja that I did 😁 #micheal #clifford #michealclifford #5sos #5secondsofsummer #imagine
i love michael's green guitar more than i love my family tbh
michael clifford got me feelin some type of way
kill me bc michael part 2
kill me bc michael part 1
Michael is adorable okay bye
#EditsWoahTo10K Go follow Woah Edits and get her to 10k
Because michael followed me on twitter... :)
Ashton's smile will be the death of me☺️💕 ||tag an Ashton girl💖||
michael: wtf are you guys doing? || remake of layz chipz (tagged below) #videoshop
I honestly don't know how I made the song match up with the gifs omfg
I hate myself for making this...
You are my ☼, my ☾, and all my stars.