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#yourewelcome 😂😂😂🙈 Someone #help her #eugeniacooney is apparently putting out #dancetutorial videos and someone award show nominated her for #bestdancer 😐😐🤔😂😂😂😂 #hilarious #sad #twerk #hitthequanchallenge #hitthequan
Another one for those who like laughing at my expense 😜
If you haven't yet, be sure to check out the new "Transition In and Out of The Salsa Step" tutorial on my YouTube Channel 👊🏽
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Holy moly! Insane to have a student that took from me when I began teaching at age 16 come and take my class yesterday.. such a cool, full circle moment.. Thank you for sharing your beautiful artistry @_mayaceline (P.S. sorry ...
Танцевальная студия "Город Танца" 🚗м.Щукинская, Ул.Маршала Новикова,7 ☎По всем вопросам: 8 499 196 55 02 ⏰с 15:30 до 21:30
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Hey, so here is my tutorial for the basic arm wave! (turn *sound* on)
The arm wave can be broken down into 3 positions:
1. Wrist = flex your hand down and raise the wrist up
2. Elbow = ...
Perfectamente Imperfecto 🙏🏾
This is soooo me.💀😂👏. Follow @nana_in_tokyo #bts#kpop#dna#animelover#kpopforlife#folloe#dancetutorial
Расписание на ЧЕТВЕРГ|21 СЕНТЯБРЯ
🔴16:00 - 17:30 JAZZ-FUNK ПРОДОЛЖАЮЩИЕ (12-16 ЛЕТ)
🔴16:00 - 17:00 БАЛЬНЫЕ ТАНЦЫ НАЧИНАЮЩИЕ (5-10 ЛЕТ)
🔴17:30 - 19:00 JAZZ-FUNK НАЧИНАЮЩИЕ (12-16 ЛЕТ)
🔴19:00 - 20:30 ЧЕРЛИДИНГ ЮНИОРЫ (11-16 ЛЕТ)
WERE YOU OBSESSED WITH THIS DANCE? @MrKudelka the genius behind JT's moves in this era! I wish I could capture all of the choreography. =============================== .
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🎧 @JustinTimberlake - My Love
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On parle de DANSE (en général) de POMPOM (en particulier) et d'ENEGIE POSITIVE (surtout) !

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*Full video on Facebook* Thank you @mistophercartin for teaching MNW last week! It's always inspiring to see students learn to cultivate and explore their own creativity within their emotions and movement. And thank you @aldrichw for sharing your first experience ...
"RAKE IT UP" - Yo Gotti ft Nicki Minaj Dance TUTORIAL | @MattSteffanina Choreography "RAKE IT UP" - Yo Gotti ft Nicki Minaj DANCE TUTORIAL | Matt Steffanina ▷ "RAKE IT UP" Dance Vid: ▷ INSTAGRAM: ...
[Video 2 of 3] The second of this weeks videos about how to transition in and out of the basic Toprock moves I have covered in my previous videos. In this one we cover the “Salsa Step” also known as ...
Today! Come dance my friends 😍
@jakekodish dancing his choreography to #foryou by @ramzoidmusic 🔥 | Filmed by @timmilgram and @slaterkodish | Full video on YouTube | Learn this choreography from Jake's step by step tutorial!🕺🏼 [Link in bio!] ------------------------------------------------ #jakekodish #dance #choreography #choreo #dancing ...
Class was on today!! Thank you all for coming out again! My new combo to Selena Gomez.. These girls are on fire!!🔥🔥🔥
Dancers: @kellywaals // @oonaghjacobs //@evascheffers
Song: Me & My Girls - @SelenaGomez
Choreography: @spikeylc
Class every wednesday 12 ...
"MI GENTE" - J Balvin ft Willy William DANCE TUTORIAL | @MattSteffanina Choreography "MI GENTE" - J Balvin FEAT. Willy William DANCE TUTORIAL | @MattSteffanina Choreography ▷ "MI GENTE" Dance Vid: ...
Taylor Swift - "LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO" Dance Tutorial | Matt Steffanina ft... LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO - Taylor Swift dance tutorial - Choreography by Matt Steffanina ▷ Taylor Swift DANCE VIDEO: ...
TEAMWORK - Dance Tutorial with Rumer Noel! Here it is! So many people have messaged me and asked for a Teamwork dance tutorial. I hope you enjoy it! TEAMWORK: Steam on Spotify: ...
Descendants 2 | Chillin' like a Villain: Dance Tutorial | Official Disney Channel UK Check out the awesome Sofia Carson, who plays Evie in Descendants, in this behind the scenes, easy to follow, dance tutorial for the new Descendants 2 song ...
Despacito | Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee | Dance Tutorial | LiveToDance with Sonali Hey guys! Thanks for all the love for my Despacito dance cover. Here is the step by step tutorial for the same. I hope its helpful and you guys like it. Do give me a ...
Descendants 2 | What's My Name: Dance Tutorial | Official Disney Channel UK Do you ❤ Disney Descendants? Your fave villains are back this autumn and even more rotten! Watch China Anne McClain (or as we like to call her Uma) in this ...
"WILD THOUGHTS" - DJ Khaled ft Rihanna DANCE TUTORIAL | @MattSteffanina Choreography "WILD THOUGHTS" - DJ Khaled ft Rihanna, Bryson Tiller TUTORIAL | @MattSteffanina Choreography ▷ "WILD THOUGHTS" Dance Vid: ...
"DOWN" - Fifth Harmony ft Gucci Mane Dance TUTORIAL | @MattSteffanina Choreography Fifth Harmony - "DOWN" ft Gucci Mane Dance Tutorial ▷ "DOWN" Dance Video: ▷ INSTAGRAM: ...

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