Pure BLISS!!
When they issue weekend passes to the nursing homes... #dancingmom ....
Nearly at end of a quick holiday to refresh and get a bit of a tan to try and look my original #brazilian self once again! 😂 With 2 babies in tow though, I'll need a holiday when I get ...
Backstage before the show. Anela on my lap as I did my makeup. Check out her cozy nook. Skirt turned into blackout curtain so she could sleep while I warmed up and performed. Worked like a charm! Last but not ...
The maintenance of my locs are exhausting, my arms hurt, my fingers and nails have wax and spritz sticking to them but, I wouldn't have it any other way! I ❤ my hair! #dreadchick #kickassmom #locs4lyfe #melanatedqueen #bgr #dancemom #dancingmom ...
It's Friday! This now mama @gemma_marin was 40 weeks preggo and getting her groove on! We challenge you all to get a little 1,2, step in before bed 💃
Lately I'm doing these dances as warming up and cooling down 💃🏻 It's so much fun! .
Also, my brother is getting married tomorrow and I'm organizing it. So trying my hardest not to stress and I'm doing a great ...
Double days are HARD! So I'm just gonna lay here for a while.
Dance rehearsal last night. Tonight the real thing.
#dancerecital #dance4life #dancingmom #lifeisworthit #instaproud #iloveme
Just relaxing day in the park with Stan

#momlife #dancingmom #essex
Jumping into the weekend like

#nbdt #dancingmom #ocdance #jump #sofun #dancer #dance
Rehearsal for #eastmeetswestmaui at @mauiartsculture then off to the historic #iaotheatre Anela is a trooper! #theadventuresofangelandanela #dancingmom
When you're 7 months postpartum but are still getting back in shape 😪

#newmom #dancingmom #soudechat #ballet #danceteacher #sissone #postpartumbody #alwaysadancer
LOVE this song ❤️ The whole thing will be up on my Dance Fit with Kelsi You Tube channel next week!
Make sure you go and subscribe so you don't miss it 😜😘
Link in my bio.

#dancefit ...
True story. Except I don't even need a drink and I might be standing in the cereal aisle of the grocery store. 🎉💃🏽 #breakitdown #dancingmom #embarrassingmom #funmom #momlife (@get_repost)
So, we practiced in our costumes in the last class of the year 😓😫😍 So many mixed emotions. I am still very out of shape and very self conscious. I will be getting on stage foe the first time in ...
Funny Dancing- Mom Twerking Video of hilarious dancing. Mom and son dancing, Mom twerking.
Pregnant Dancing Mom - Ed Sheeran (Shape of You) Dance & Choreography by : Fanny Samisen (39 weeks) - @fsamisen Carolin Windy (37 weeks) - @carolinwindy Waiting for : Baby boy "J" & Baby Girl "M" Music ...
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Breaking It Down: A Dancing Mom's Hip Replacement Barb Adler is a dancer for Momz-N-Da Hood, a group of breakdancing moms in their 50s. A few years ago, she started experiencing debilitating hip pain and ...
Dancing Mom's Peshtigo Basketball Senior Mom's rock out a farewell dance.
Warriors Game Dancing Mom Credit belongs to Mitú on Facebook.
Warriors Dancing Mom - Robin Schreiber | EXCLUSIVE Interview What is next for the mom that took the internet by storm at a Warriors Game by showing off her dance moves on the jumbotron? Robin Schreiber "Warriors ...
Warriors Dancing Mom Is Back The Warriors legendary dancing mom is back, and better than ever. Check out her hilarious routine.

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