Don't just wish but work for it 😉😉
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Is it true?
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You can't teach pigs how to fly 🎯
Not a bad view to wake up to today. Huge day of gardening and clean up ahead. Always love getting away to the countryside 🙌🏻
Sometimes You Need To Burn Bridges To Stop Yourself From Crossing Them Again
What do you think? 😕
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Can you? Make today count 👊🏼
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"Don't Give up before Game is Over."
Assume you have only one shot to choose between Sam Edelman or Kindle. Manhattan-city-girl-put-together look VS tons of interesting books available. Appearance lust VS inner peace desire. Which do you go for ? #samedelman #kindle#desire #control
You have something #special. You are an #uncommon #breed. Do not let anything or anyone #limit you not even yourself. You have #greatness within you. #desire to live successfully. #god got you covered. Keep smiling!
This is so important to achieving success and attracting positive things in life in general. 😃💫✨
💎 When someone started a fight, then better face them. Tag someone who needs to see this 💎
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Work in progres !
Life is the art of balancing the desires of the heart and brain... #life #balance #hearts #brains #desire

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