This is @doriehaglerphotography doing an Instagram takeover for the next 7 days. I'm sharing images that I create in an effort to encourage social change around criminal justice reform as well as gender equality. This image was taken during a ...
This is the kid you want to be friends with 🤣
Hands up! #handsupdontshoot that #puppylife Cleo the Bospin @ooh.cleo
I teach my son at young age to put hands up w police. #dontshoot #handsupdontshoot #son #family #love i love my son so much! #picoftheday #iger
Lest not forget. Never accept it when you're told to "get over it". I don't expect Jews to get over the holocust and simply forget about it. We should not be told to forget about the atrocities our race has ...
#Michigan police should be ashamed of themselves for pulling guns on innocent children w/not an ounce of reason. #handsupdontshoot
Michigan Police Hold 5 Unarmed Black Kids At Gunpoint For No Reason | https://t.co/eQ2OQnIitH #HandsUpDontShoot https://t.co/oREmA0osYe
#HandsUpDontShoot KeyPlayers of theModernDay CivilRights ExamSCANDAL &Leaders who are LEADINGby Example. See Update https://t.co/mYgLK86hYS
#LAriots 1992 fast-forward today. You have #Ferguson #UCBerkeley #HandsUpDontShoot no one learns, no one wants pe… https://t.co/pplNYW1TxU
Reuel Elijah - What Happened To Love #HandsUpDontShoot Music Video For "What Happened To Love" By Reuel Elijah I'd like to dedicate this song to those that have been lost due to police brutality because of ...
#HandsUpDontShoot Venting to Drakes "Weston Road Flows" #HandsUpDontShoot.

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