PLAYING WITH PANDA & FRY :) I love my dogs to death...even though they never listen to me! Instagram: ItsJessAndrea Twitter: ItsJessAndrea.
Dillan Otero HELP ME. i like memes. I love my dogs and goldfish. Soon you'll meet my dogs.arnt cookies tasty.I'M NOT CLICKBAIT LIKE EXILITY.;]
Adam C I love my wife, I love my dogs, I love my predator haps, and life is good.
Moon Wolf Oh hi, I'm Moon ? Yeeezzzz? SUBSCRIBE DIAMOND WOLF MKAY! I love music, um I love made animates I love wolves I love drawing I love my dogs and my ...
Armadillos11 hi im armadillos and i love my dogs my family and my youtube comunity so thanks for watching.
I love my dogs -3 I used to only update YouTube with old videos but I was thinking and I'll just post all of my unedited videos or insta vids on here starting with this one (:
Life With Melly Hi guys its Melly. I love my dogs and my husband Anone. We are recently married and trying to vlog daily. Please follow me on DEPOP ...
mady snuggles Hi everyone I Love makeup,cooking and arts and crafts so I will have a little bit of all that on my channel and I love my dogs so hopefully they will show their ...
Mariza Hofer Born and raised in the marvellous Rio de Janeiro city in Brasil, living there until its 25years old, moved to Switzerland in 2003. and I love german language.
Coloring Martina Malování antistresových omalovánek pro dospělé je mým velkým koníčkem. Miluju ten proces, kdy obrázek ožívá. A ráda bych se s vámi o tuto svoji vášeň ...
TheLKExpress I LOVE GYMNASTICS...but gymnastics is not who I am. Family is first. I love my dogs and goofing around with my sister..she's my best friend.
elbosausage the crazy world from my view.i love camping, fishing, cooking, collecting vinyl records and action figures.I love my dogs too.
Dachshund Water Race The Dachshund "500" Water Race. Our 5 mini dachshunds enjoying a very competitive day in the pool!
TURTLELOZ3ER Bello my name is TURTLE LOZ3ER I draw, I play, and make! Please enjoy my videos( I super might me animating)
ILOVEMYDOGS . both chihuahua's Fat one is named Poochie , & other one named hershey . Poochie was given , & hershey was bought .
slessorpr "WE CAN JUDGE the heart of a man by his dealings with animals" - Immanuel Kant "THE MORE I see of men, the more I love my dogs" - Frederick The Great, ...
tshopem I love my dogs. Got two of them named Sunny (POMPOM) & Ali (Japanese Chin). You'll get to know my boys through my videos :D.
Michael Vick: Zoom Vick III Laser Vick gives you a personal tour of his signature shoe. This limited edition is laser-etched with details from Vick's life.

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