Pokemon Go: Shiny Magikarp A captured shiny magikarp. Sadly, it didn't have a good appraisal :/
Патриарх Кирилл совершил вечерню Великого Пятка с выносом Святой Плащаницы 10 апреля 2015 года, в Великую Пятницу — день, посвященный воспоминанию Святых спасительных Страстей Господа...
Shadow of Mordor: Hunting Legendary Captains Talion hunting down several Captains for their runes. -- ps. Forgot to ride a caragor and a graug. Would have been an interesting way to fight the captains :D.
The Witcher 2: Shirtless Mode (Dark Mode) Geralt fighting some of the bosses in the game while wearing the best armor ^_^
The Witcher 2: Fighting Letho - The First Confrontation A compilation of my videos showing how to fight Letho in the first encounter in the Elven Ruins.
The Witcher 2: Fighting the Kayran A compilation of my videos showing how to fight the Kayran.
The Witcher 2: The Heliotrope Sign Geralt using the Heliotrope Sign against the Harpy Queen and her troupe.
The Witcher 2: Harpy Farming Whether you're looking to make some extra coin, or to raise your experience points, or to get some mutagens, let Geralt show you how to farm the harpies!

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