When he wakes up early AF, just to bring you coffee in bed . . #lowkey I’m going to marry him, if he likes it or not . Hopefully he likes it
It be to much ds going on #lowkey
@CharlieSloth Lowkey. Fire in the Booth. Go reach him, man - everyone is waiting for Part 2! #Lowkey #FireInTheBooth #FITB
I'm done fucking with everybody period I ant bout force you on me or nun like nah so ill separate myself! #Lowkey
@tochi5 @olisatv Whose idea was it to use this photo for the piece? #Lowkey #badguy whoever that was.
All men love food. If you meet a guy who doesn’t, it #lowkey means his mom is a terrible cook. 🚶🏼‍♀️
Another one from my shoot yesterday with the lovely Ray Snell.

#lowkey #blackandwhite… https://t.co/BTbjGglIe3
@jazmineLouiseee Lmfaoooo, 😂 he #lowkey resemble him.. wit that hair style
Just hanging out with Steve-o! #saturdaynight #lowkey #arlington @ Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse https://t.co/YEZvXH9eCf
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