It starts with a great producer and high class machines to create an award winning project.... And not to forget..... A VERY POWERFUL MARKETING STRATEGY ... #my_thoughts
Ще в шкільні роки я б нізащо не повірила, що настільки сильно любитиму книги, книжкові магазини, їхній запах і все пов'язане з ними..
Ну, не те щоб не читала, я читала, але виключно ті твори, які були в шкільній програмі ...
My one is a complicated mess.Full of downs and less of ups....but it goes on. Full of hopes that I keep and always end up failing. But stand up and conquer alone since "NOBODY"will be there with you ...
Without really knowing anything, I hid a part of me away😣
The greatness that is persepolis
Mon,April 24th
ساخت یه اینطور شاهکاری فقط از یه ملت متمدن برمیاد،و از وضعی ک الان داریم من واقعا برام سواله ک چی به ...
Nothing ever compares to the joy and peace of having God by your side #my_thoughts
Yaremche small trip our small trip to Yaremche city, carpathian mountains. music: Jonathan_Dimmel_-_My_Thoughts.mp3
Hip Hop Instrumental - My Thoughts Smooth hip hop instrumental good for just exploring your mind, with a 96 bpm.This one is not for sale, because it is just an instrumental I was messing around ...
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