I love posting pics on snap with a little boob just to see how many people try to tell me how to live my own life #MyBodyMyRules 🤔🤔🤔
I bought and ate an entire box of zebra cakes yesterday. #MyBodyMyRules
no matter what i’m going through, i’ll never stop smiling, and neither should you :) #mybodymyrules
Hairstyle, breath odor, shoes, car you drive, sat score, allergies, profession or whatever else I decide. #mybodymyrules #mytimemyrules
#metoo because I just thought that's what guys did. #Iknowbetternow #mybodymyrules
We allow MALE lawmakers to make laws governing OUR BODIES. Let's start there!
#MeToo />#myjobshouldnotincludeabuse />#WomensMarch />#MyBodyMyRules
Don't tell me to "expect it" because I'm a woman.
Don't question if it's "true" if it's coming from a man.
#MeToo #MyBodyMyRules
Women: If you want to have autonomy over your body, then stop shaming other women for stuff you think is slutty. #mybodymyrules
I told him many times “no,” but he just didn’t listen. #NoMeansNo #mybodymyrules
passando pra reforçar a ideia do #mybodymyrules que nunca é demais
#tattoo em Stella Maris…
It's my body, not yours #MyBodyMyRules It's time to break the steoreotypes around women's bodies. It's their bodies, not yours.
G.L.O.S.S. - FULL DEMO 2015 Recorded and mixed Jan. 8 and 9 2015 by Joester at Punkall Released January 16, 2015 ...
MY BODY MY RULES Seksuele weerbaarheid meisjes 10 - 14 jaar.
Commercial 2 MY BODY MY RULES Heb jij een dochter tussen de 10 en 14 jaar en woon je in Amsterdam? En maak jij je net als vele andere ouders ook zorgen omdat deze maatschappij te veel ...
Commercial My Body My Rules De gevolgen van onze op SEKSGERICHTE MAATSCHAPPIJ #WakeupNederland Geef je dochter 11- 14 jaar (Amsterdam) nu op voor de gratis training: ...
Tattoo QnA I hope you have a great day. Stay amazing ♡ ** Please respect my choices! My body, my rules. I appreciate your concern and I am fully aware of the ...
Igreja Militante Sejam Bem-Vindos! Nesse canal divulgamos assuntos de interesse cristão, conservador e de direita. Acreditamos na moralidade e na ética para que uma ...
my body my rules I am who I am and I love who I am and I will not change that for anyone. I don't have to. It's my body my rules.

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