So our first vacation together was so fun from touching sharks and sting rays to riding bikes and being front row at a Jason Alden kane brown and Chris young concert. I had so much fun it was definitely a ...
Louiville and Cincinnati🙂
ふたりともいい人でめっちゃ楽しかったなあ〜! #slugger #newportaquarium #名前忘れたけど大きな公園とか色々
I've never seen anything more perfect... okay, after my sting ray buddy and the albino alligator. #newport #newportaquarium
Hey, I got to pet a #stingray today. They are cuter and friendlier than I remember. It's not the first time I've pet one, but it's been a while. Luckily they clip their stingers.

#newportaquarium #newport #aquarium #aquariums ...
Had a incredible time hanging with friends this past week, most of it in Ohio. Returning home today, I stopped by the #newportaquarium. Appropriately wearing my #creatureFromTheBlackLagoon #teeshirt today. Working on using my Nikon again. A lot of pictures taken. ...
So much fun today at the Newport Aquarium 🐡🐠🦐🦂🦈🐊🐢🐙 #newportaquarium #summerfun
One of the best ways to celebrate #sharkweek? At @newport_aquarium of course!

#repost @maddisonb.15
Someone was a little unsure of the scuba guy! #scubasteve #newportaquarium #mybubba #nephewlove
Last stop in our vacation! #newportaquarium
Shark Week 2016 at Newport Aquarium Newport Aquarium is the Shark Capital of the Midwest and with more shark habitats to SEA, TOUCH and EXPLORE than ever before, it's the best place to ...
HUGE BIRTHDAY SURPRISE! (Newport Aquarium Penguin Encounter!) For Ada's sixth birthday my parents took her to the aquarium to get up close and personal with her favorite animal: Penguins!!
Cincinnati zoo and Newport Aquarium My 30 seconds video on Animals who kept me entertained at the zoo and Aquarium!
Mighty Mike, 14-foot American Alligator at Newport Aquarium, public feeding Mighty Mike, a more than 14-foot and 800-pound American alligator, gets fed by biologists at Newport Aquarium on Friday, July 17, 2015.

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