Just to clarify things here: I’m single, and I plan on staying that way for a good while. #nodrama #nocraziness #nohoes #nothingbutgoodvibes
I have potential to be a great second wife. #nodrama
i have so many more guy friends than i do girl friends #likeitthatway #nodrama
Just deleted my first “controversial” tweet because a guy off the telly “🖕🏻” me and his twitteratti pounced like a pack of wolves #NoDrama 🙄
Life’s to short to care about the bullshit and drama! Live your life for you & nobody else! #mylife #livingforme #lifestooshort #NoDrama
It feels like being new to Twitter again for the first time. Feeling #LikeAVirgin on Twitter with #NODrama. This is why I joined!
Drama is the word that Dr. Nate Regier uses to describe each time someone does not feel justified.…
When you unimportant and you tf fine with that! #nodrama AND I don’t have to wear pants to hang out with myself 🤗
Every time I make friends, I remember why I don’t make friends. #NoDrama #GirlBye
No Drama Groove Assassin. Label: THINGS MAY CHANGE. No copyright infringement intended, for promotional purposes only! Will remove at copyright holders' request!
Kavelo & No Drama - Dejame Entrar (Audio Oficial) Booking + Contact : (57) (301) 662 50 63 http://WWW.KAVELOYNODRAMA.COM [email protected] K&ND 2017 Autor: K&ND Producción: Mason ...
Big Jest Ft Ninj #CXCV - No Drama [Music Video] @Big_Jest SUBSCRIBE to our channel to get the latest videos straight to your homepage: *** ▻ INSTALL our UK mixtapes APP for iOS & Android: ...
V Cosmic - No Drama (Official Music Video) Music video by V Cosmic performing debut single "No Drama"
ALHC feat Yoma Sachi & Dedek Madzu - NO DRAMA (Off LAGU ''NO DRAMA'' SEMOGA BANYAK YANG SUKA YA GUYS!! Enjoy The Music and video Guys! Selamat Mendengarkan semoga terhibur dengan karya ...
Nas South - No Drama Nas South - No Drama Director: Sang Jin Lee DOP:Manikk Executive Producer/Mixing Engineer:Bilaal Dhalech Assistant ...

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