RE: Gimme Ten! 1975 This is a response to bigstar1000's Gimme Ten! 1975 video.
Vinyl Update 2015-04-04 Eleven more records added to the collection.
VC #32 - Recent Spins and Chat Planxty, Melanie, Jack Bruce, Nick Drake, Gateway.
White Filth Vinyl / The 10 Inches IV (Last) Last part of the 10 inches. Mostly stoner, after this it's on to the 12 inches or a Hypertension label profile vid.
Vinyl Reviews (Awesome Finds For January 2015) Mike reviews his vinyl finds for December 2014-January 2015. Santana - Caravanserai (0:00-0:59) Allman Brothers Band - Win Lose Or Draw (1:00-2:32) Herbie ...
Vinyl Update 2015-01-26 Some recent vinyl acquisitions, both old and new.
Vinyl Finds 93 Some new records that I didn't intend, but bought anyway lol, the story of my (record collecting) life. Anyway, enjoy, be inspired (hopefully), comment, and I'll see ...
Recent Vinyl Finds (Back to My Roots) Did some vinyl hunting at 3 thrift stores and a flea market. Everything was bought for less then $15.
Andre's Vinyl LP Record Collection Update: January 25th,2015 Realize it's been almost ten months since my previous vinyl update. But hope you enjoy this video!
Vinyl Disorder Unboxing Well my good buddies at Vinyl Disorder have sent me the PIT BOX Decal's Remember check their Design Logo Suite out below ...
Thrift Store Vinyl Finds 29/"Staycation Throwbacks" This first of 2015;Enjoying time off.New Year resolutions.Plug of my other channel.The latest record finds and A throwback find on Ebay to my music memories.

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