Powerlifting Australia at the Sydney Fitness Show Sunday 30th April 2017 Pacific Invitational Bench Press & Pro BP Pro Deadlift Pacific Invitational 2.
Powerlifting Australia at the Sydney Fitness Show Saturday 29th of April 2017 Day 2 at the Sydney Fitness Show at the ICC Darling Harbour. Sydney Open Session 3 Pacific Invitational Session 1.
Powerlifting Australia - Perth Open Championships 642.5kg @ 81.8kg Online Coaching/Enquiries - [email protected] Instagram - @callangibbons Lifting from the 21st of August 2016 at the Perth Health and Fitness expo.
Denise Powerlifting Australia Nationals 2016 Denise representing Elite Strength Programs at the 2016 Powerlifting Australia, Nationals (held in Melbourne, Victoria). Denise had a huge performance ...
801kg (1766lbs) total and new Australian record (junior) I competed at the gym quip powerlifting meet (powerlifting australia/ipf) on the 19/03/2016. I totalled 801kg, and set the australian 120kg+ junior squat record to ...
695kg/1532lb total @ 82.85kg/181lb Body Weight (IPF/Powerlifting Australia) Body Weight: 82.25kg Squat: 260kg/573lb Bench: 162.5kg/358lb Deadlift: 272.5kg/600lb Total: 695kg/1532lb Wilks: 466.43.
Brisbane Open - IPF Powerlifting Australia - 715kg Total 24th October 2015 - 715kg Total @ 116.45kg, Wilks: 414. Tore my left hamstring on the second deadlift attempt.
Powerlifting Australia Perth Open 615kg/1355.84lbs @ 81.7kg/180lbs razorsharpapparel.spreadshirt.com.au Instagram - @callangibbons Music Intro Music LarsM & Side-B ft. Aloma Steele - Over ...
Vector Health Classic - IPF Powerlifting Australia - 700kg Total Open u120kg Class Squat: 230kg, 240kg, 250kg Bench: 150kg, 155kg, x160kg Deadlift: 275kg, 295kg 700kg Total - 410 Wilks.
Powerlifting Australia Melbourne Extravaganza - all squat, bench press, deadlift attempts Squat - 100kg, 105kg (equal PB), 107.5kg (fail) Bench press - 55kg, 60kg (equal PB), 62.5kg (fail) Deadlift - 112.5kg, 120kg (equal PB), 125kg (fail) Total 285kg ...
Powerlifting Australia. Bench press. Masters 2. 120kg class. Powerlifting Australia 27/11/11 Bench press. Masters 2 120kg class.
Powerlifting Australia (IPF) - Nathan Baxter SHW Australian Bench Press record - 262.5kg April 20, 2008 - Melbourne, Australia.
Powerlifting Australia (IPF) - Wim Van Weenen 100kg, over 70s World deadlift record - 237.5kg April 20, 2008 - Melbourne, Australia.

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