QOTD: What makes a crossover a crossover? The question is simple: What is a crossover? Or is it easier to say what isn't? More videos: http://goo.gl/Kj1FlI Best cars in 2016: http://goo.gl/3xAVJi Upcoming ...
QOTD 17 - Particle Based Beings (1st Place) Queen of the Deen 2017 winning edit and also winner of the viewers choice award.
S B O G QOTD 2017 Team S.B.O.G's edit for Boarderlines Queen of the Deen 2017 comp. Featuring Ross Mathew, Bushy Gary, Liam Dargie, Petay Franz and Glen Wood.
QOTD #69 Would I Do 20 Years In The Military? Today's Question Of The Day comes from Future Sailor Jackson who asked me if I would stay in the Navy for 20 years.
QOTD #66 What If Do Not Know How To Swim? Hey! Make sure you follow me on my Instagram for cool behind the scene of the work life balance of a sailor! https://www.instagram.com/yoon_ho_kim/
QOTD 2016 leftovers An edit from our queen of the deen leftovers this year.
TEAM SWEG - QOTD 2016 Fimed edited by mikey hazzard. Seb,Andy,Mikey,Filipe.
QOTD #34 Peanut Butter Shot ASK Yoon #11 Link Below https://youtu.be/feqc6hJZE8s Today's QOTD comes from Future Sailor Cruz asking me about how the process of peanut butter shot ...
QOTD: Top 5 battle rap SLOGANS. Unbias Review gives his Top 5 battle rap slogans.
QOTD: Rank Jersey Unbias Review takes a look at the Top 6 battlers in Jersey and asks you to rank them.
QOTD: Does the Crowd ruin URL battles Unbias Review takes a look at the crowd at URL battles and do they hurt and help the battles.
QOTD "Hubby Moved In His Child's Mother" Check Out Stephan's Channel: http://bit.ly/1NUyH5j Check out my book "The Dating Game": http://amzn.to/1D4E4WO Kindle Version of my book: ...
Slept So Long Lestat [QOTD Soundtrack] Bueno aqui subiendo mi versión traducida de la canción Slept So Long de la pelicula de Queen of the Damned. Con subtítulos de mi estilo... una de mis ...
QOTD: "He Threw Away My Birth Control" Subscribe! Watch my SL/strawberry letters for more. Buy my book: "The Dating Game" here: http://amzn.to/1D4E4WO Kindle Version of my book: ...
#QOTD Vanguard or Manfrotto Tripod? Leave your new questions here; http://bit.ly/GeekQuestions #QOTD Vanguard or Manfrotto Tripod? Buy your Vanguard Alta+ 204AP Tripod here .
QOTD - Gag Reel Queen of The Damned Gag Reel - May upload a better quality one soon.
Theatres des vampires (QOTD) another Queen of the damned MV. to my mind it looks quite good. what do you think?
QOTD Interview Chester talks about 'his' song on the 'queen of the damned' soundtrack!!!

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