Foto taken by @getsmart_fitness . Intersting profile to follow . 10 Rounds AFAP
1 Squat Clean 55kg/80kg
2 Front Squats
3 GHD Sit up with m/b 20lb
4 Strict HSPU
5 Burpees
2) Back Squat
1x5 @60%
[email protected]%
[email protected]%

3) ...
5 days out from competing.. it's been a few months time to shake off the cobwebs ❤️
@falcon_weightlifting @shahin_nasirinia @cal_strength
#recoverygear #shackles #snatch #heavyduty #offroad #4wd #willthiswork When recoverys get tough heres a 85ton shackle 😂😎👌
Really happy to be giving you good news early in the morning (in Malta 🇲🇹❤️😁) 6 national records
Clean and jerk PR
8th in the B group

Great performance for my first appearance on a World stage ❤️
I ...
Zu #potatoeswholift 🥔kommt einfach mal #spaghettiwhosquats🍝
Ich glaube, ich habe fast die dünnsten Beine unter allen Menschen, die schonmal so etwas wie eine Kniebeuge gemacht haben. Aber trotzdem geht es voran: ich kann jede Woche neue Zahlen in mein ...
So my program suggests that I back squat twice a week and front squat once a week. I normally squeeze in another front squat day where I max out and do lots of accessory work - mainly Bulgarian Squats, step ...
Stanislav Maznitsin and Vladimir Safonov, snatch pull + snatch 160 kg. . . . . Станислав Мазницын и Владимир Сафонов, тяга рывковая + рывок в сед (с виса ниже колен) - 160 кг. . #weightlifting #snatch #clean&jerk #coach #motivation #squat ...
100/120 and some snatch pulls through a cold #snatch #cleanandjerk #weightlifting
🇫🇷Aujourd'hui sur le blog, rencontre avec Clint Kohl @iamclint_ , coach et athlète à @crossfitannecy. 🏋🏻‍♀️
Interview sur son parcours et test de la Metcon 3 @niketraining (lien dans la bio ⤴️), vous pourrez retrouver l'ancien danseur de la ...
I had 30 minutes to complete two barbell complexes. The first one was 2 hang cleans + 1 split jerk + 1 push press for a top set of 195 lbs. The second one was 1 snatch + 3 push ...
Snatch EMOM then

20 calories assault bike
15 push press
10 box jumps

#crossfit #crossfitpalmerston #snatch #emom @fitaidaus @lifeaidbevcoausnz for recovery👍
EMOM today building on a power snatch and hang snatch 🏋️ must focus on high elbows 🙈... But I like rainbows! 😭
#platformcrossfit #snatch #olympiclifting #crossfit #squat #emom #geazy #strength #speed #power
Even though this was a failed attempt at 205lb never did I think I would ever be able to break the 200lb mark I got 200 today and not far off from 205 thanks @coachd_sb for making this next step ...
145/155lbs SN pull + hang pull
I've been MIA on the instagrams, so this is a clip from the workout this morning. I'm currently 6 weeks into my program and this time around everything is feeling better than the first ...
Siempre le he tenido un miedo al snatch... será que he visto mil videos de lesiones haciendo esto, y aparte cuando levanto me da un jalón en el hombro que hace que no me sienta cómoda... hoy me anime y ...
Well done to @luke.gazzola for last nights 1RM back at 176kg.
When coach says he squats 175kg of course there's that extra KG going on.
#controlledchaos #chaosathlete #weightlifting #olympicweightlifting #snatch #clean #jerk #squat #pr #pb #sport #healthy #strong ...
OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING 101: How To Snatch (Full Guide) Ft. Clarence Kennedy [Clarence Kennedy] TIME STAMPS 0:00 Intro 2:54 What Is The Snatch? 3:20 Why Learn The Snatch Before The Clean ...
SNATCH Trailer (2017) Subscribe HERE for NEW movie trailers ➤ Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Release Date: ...
SNATCH | TEASER TRAILER | CRACKLE SNATCH is now streaming free on Crackle. The cult classic film Snatch is now a high-stakes, high-octane Crackle Original Series.
SNATCH / Olympic weightlifting FOLLOW the LINK for the PERSONAL online training PROGRAM: ------------------------------- Follow me: ...
Dmitry Klokov - Snatch 205 kg (16:9) It always bothered me watching this lift with the video being the wrong aspect ratio, so I decided to make this. Original video: ...
How To Snatch : Untamed Strength Video Tutorial about how to correctly perform the Snatch and the Power Snatch. Intro (0:00-3:17) Hand Placement (3:17-4:20) Phase 1 - Pull (4:20-5:35) Phase 2 ...
Snatch The Best Moments Please ignore the notification sound @ 3:14 Goody gumdrops! Enjoy it or we'll cut your f**kin' Jacobs off.
Self-Cueing the Snatch Perennial CrossFit Games competitors Stacie Tovar, Emily Bridgers and Becca Voigt talk about what they focus on while training the snatch. CrossFit® - Forging ...

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