What is your pledge for @dubaifitnesschallenge ?
My personal pledge is to include more flexibility and mobility work into my workout schedule - meaning i pledge to a 30 minute stretching session every night for the next 30 days. ...
When you are suppose to be #lifting but you #back is all out of #whack. You simply decide to #slay the morning in a different manor. #workingout is great and I have found such a #love for challenging my body. ...
Starting to do sets of stretches for hamstring and hip flexors after workouts now! These are the muscles that need good flexibility in order for you to do splits. Today was arm day and i left some time afterwards to ...
Supine Hamstring Stretch with Knee Pumps

Terminal Knee Extension Series
Movement #6/7

1. Lay on your back with a strap around your foot.
2. Use the strap to help elevate your leg (preferably 90 ...
For tranquility of the mind, to declutter your head and get away from the hustle and bustle of lagos, come join the LUFASI Nature Aerobics class!!! Every Wednesdays and Saturdays
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Та -дам 😊
Немного хочу поделиться с вами )
Какой спорт без грузов ,да никакой 😂

ох как же я их обожаю ❤после них все так легко ,непринужденно получается 👌😉
Надеваешь на руки ,на ноги ,на пояс можно тоже😊 и ...
"Cuando recuperes o descubras💡 algo que alimenta tu ALMA🙏 y te trae ALEGRÍA🤘 , encargate de QUERERTE👈 lo suficiente y hazle un espacio en tu VIDA❤️."- Jean Shinoda Bolen
Desde 🍫,🍏, ☀️, 🏝️, ✈️,💃, 🏋️,🎶, 🎥, 📚, 🐶🐱.. Hasta esas ...
Наша ученица Наталья!🔥
Эта связка выполнена на 6 занятие!😊
Присоединяйся к тренировкам уже сегодня!👯👯👯
Пробное занятие всего 300р 📝
🦋Группы по Pole Dance Sport: ✅Пн - Пт 19.00, 21.00 ✅Вт - Чт 10.00, 11.30 ✅Ср 20.00 - Вс 10.00
✅Чт ...
Расписание на завтра 📆 суббота, 21 октября
11:00 - Детский ЭСТРАДНЫЙ ТАНЕЦ (6-12 лет)🔹Татьяна Семёнова 🔹 Новая группа 🔥 открыт набор
13:00 - РАСТЯЖКА 🔹Анна Карнаухова (по записи)🔹 Новая группа 🔥открыт набор🔥
14:00 - Гимнастика для мам с детьми🔹Анна Карнаухова ...
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Síguenos @bamboowellness

Prepararse para entrenamiento es tan o mas importante que el ejercicio mismo. Estira tus músculos, tendones, ligamentos y articulaciones (tejido conectivo) preparándonos con una sesión previa de estiramiento ...
Never miss a stretching session💃🏻

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I'm at a complete standstill with my stretches. My left hip is giving trouble, and I have a lot of work to do with it before I can progress 😑 #stretch #stretching #splits #frontsplit #split
Hermosa clase de nuestra alumna de CAPACITACIÓN en #stretching 2017
Felicitaciones Cami Ordóñez ❤@flordetierra
Ear Stretching, Taping & Blowouts | Roly Ear Stretching, Taping & Blowouts: Another Piercing video and today we chat about my Ear Stretching Horror Story, how to heal Ear Blowouts & Stretching your ...
Stretching Exercises to Increase Your Flexibility and Benefits Stretching exercises bring many benefits to your body and health. They will increase your flexibility and improve your performance in physical activities, help ...
Middle Splits Stretching Part 1 Subscribe & More Videos: Thank for watching, Please Like Share And SUBSCRIBE!!! #
Beginner's stretching routine | Follow Along This stretching routine is effective and simple to follow along to : ) Intermediate Stretching Routine | Follow along: ...
Total Body Stretch (At Home Exercise Routine to Improve Flexibility) Come stretch and relax with me! You should stretch after your workout and also when you feel like you need a break from social media, from people, and the ...
The Five-Minute Full Body Stretch If you're in need of a five-minute full body stretch, then this video is for you! This routine has 14 stretches, held for 20 second each, that will loosen your major ...
Ultimate Daily Stretching Routine for Flexibility and Relaxation The best time for me to get more flexible is right before bed. Not only are my muscles most supple at this moment, at the end of the day, right after a shower, but ...

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