Just finished watching Cowbellpaedia. It feels great to say I haven't totally lost my shine. 😄😄😅 Tia was able to answer a lot of the questions . Yayyyy 💃💃💃. Never ever underestimate yourself. You are a lot stronger , wiser, ...
Someone just sent me a DM and said. Tia , all these gorgeous shoes on SALES, I don't know which one to pick .😃😅😅. Just pick all now 😄😄😅. I would really love that .
Bags available
Get these on SALES . They are selling out very fast.
Price : N8,000

Tell your friends. Sharing is caring. I'm sure you know someone that will love one of these shoes.

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This is one of our juiciest sales so far. Never had any sales like this and we don't when the next one is going to take place . So , take advantage of these and shop. This is so exciting. ...
Too much juice. Too much sauce 😅😄😁😃😃 . As a way of saying " thank you " for your continuous support .We have decided to include lovely designer shoes in our SALES rack. Oh yes . Watch this space and ...
The great thing about online shopping is that , all you need is a phone or a laptop and good internet connection in order to shop . Although, there will be no movement in Lagos tomorrow , as a result ...
Restocked due to high demand. You asked . We listened !!!!!!!! Oya come and buy . No come and bought . No, its come and be buying . 😄😅😄😅😄😅💃💃💃💃. Please, my darlings , these are for you . 😍😍😍😍😍😍. Love ...
Shop these .
Price : Affordable.

Available in store .

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Dressing up without using accessories, is like cooking food without adding seasoning . 🤔

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Size 37 - 42.

DM or Whatsapp to order.

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