@gillianhopee i’m sorry you already know you’re goalz like i can’t stop now!!! #twinz
my mom had the same haircut as post malone when she was in high school #twinz
@nicolemarreroo happy birthday to my gorgeous bff❤️thankful for you and i hope you have the best day ever!!! #twinz
demi lovato ni cam aku la dulu kurus sekarang berisi. yelah kitorang lahir sama tarikh kot 😏 #twinz
okay but are y’all trying to throw some of those looks this way??? #too #hot #to #handle #twinz
don't let these cute faces fool you, if you fuck with that it's war 😉💕 #twinz
@KINGxTIFF Lmfao I was just watching it again and I was gonna say the same thing #twinz
@_ahijaw98 i see ur getting a nice orange glow like ur prezidant #twinz 😍
My brother got his first tattoo on Friday the 13th by the same artist who did my Friday the 13th tattoo a year and a half ago #twinz 😂❤

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