THE GRAPEVINE | "The AFRICAN Perspective - Africans vs AA's vs West Indians" (1/2) | S2E62 In this second installment of a series of episodes, African millennials sit at The Grapevine table to discuss the rift between Africans and African Americans.
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The West Indians - Falling In Love (Doctor Bird) Rhythm duties from Lynn Tait and The Jets and produced by JJ Johnson, storming Rocksteady from 1968.
What Does the Bible Say About the Tribe of Benjamin (West Indians & Ghanians) Benjamin shall ravin as a wolf; in the morning he shall devour the prey and at night he shall divide the spoil. --- Tribe of Benjamin today - The people of Ghana ...
Accent Tag!!!| West Indians Hey Y'all!!! Today I did the accent tag with my friend Ericka. It was a little difficult doing this Tag but I wanted to do something for my grandfather to represent the ...
West Indians in Hollywood What it would be like if characters in movies were West Indian! LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE ...
West Indians in Court @Majahhype AMERICAN & CARIBBEAN COMEDY THE ONE MAN SHOW See More on IG @Majahhype and www.IMSOMAJAH.net.
The West Indians - Strange Whispering SKA & JAMAICAN BEAT MUSIC www.facebook.com/srjmbeatmusic www.facebook.com/DJVinyladdict https://www.facebook.com/groups/194059567343617/
Right on time - The West Indians 'Right on time' by The West Indians with Lynn Tate & The Jets. Flip is 'Hokey pokey'. JJ label J.A. 1968. Karl 'Sir JJ' Johnson production.

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