One of the hardest parts in life is deciding whether to walk away or to try harder! .
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An Outlaw is fearless and determined to set their own destiny and will stop at nothing to be the best.
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Guten Morgen ☺️
Gestern standen wieder Beine und 🍑 am Plan 💪🏻😁 das Training war ganz gut 😊 heute und morgen ist mal Pause angesagt 😅🤷🏼‍♀️😂
Schönen Donnerstag 💕

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Hallelujah 185x4 after 185x4x3 for a 1 rep PR 🎶!! Maybe I'll finally hit that elusive 200lbs bench I've been chasing since last year 💁. I tried to do these sets yesterday but was too beat up to salvage any ...
Guten Morgen nach Deutschland!☺Also ich bin für mehr Dachterrassen mit Pools- auch in Deutschland!😄❤ Wir haben hier sogar eine Klimaanlage auf der Terrasse weil es einfach so heiß und schwül ist 😱😅☀️Und die Cocktail Time mit 2 für 1 könnte ...
Always remember... Being happy is a very personal thing, & it really has nothing to do with anyone else.
H a p p i n e s s is an inside job. 🦋
I like to think I am tougher/stronger/ resilient/just don't care because of many things in my life; even if I don't always feel tough/strong/ actually do care/ cannot bounce back. #quotes #wednesday #tough #toughbutstillstandjng #stillstanding #resilience #strong #docare #life #yourdestiny ...
My husband can whip up ANYTHING and it tastes amazing!

Whole wheat pasta✔️
Chicken sausage ✔️
Spinach ✔️
Zucchini ✔️
Tomato off the vine ✔️
Olive oil & Spices ✔️ Perfecto!

Day 3 and I have made it so far ...
💖 Guten Morgen ihr Lieben 💖
Viel zu lange gab es bei mir keinen Kuchen mehr nach einem Rezept von @fitandsoulfood, deswegen musste unbedingt mal wieder einer her 💖😊
Der White Chocolate Almond Peanutbutter Cake ist ein Traum 😍😍 Bei ...
Some of the reasons I love bodybuilding......You must work hard for a well built physique, money cannot buy it, no one can steal it, you cannot hold onto it without constant work, it shows passion, discipline, self respect, good health, ...
Bilder sagen mehr als tausend Worte (Zahlen) 💪 Ich kann euch nur zu 💕 legen, auch wenn man sich unwohl dabei fühlen sollte, immer wieder Bilder und vorallem zu Beginn eurer Veränderung zu machen 👆 Man muss sie ja niemandem ...
Never confess the powers you possess 🖤😎#batmanfan #gucci #shoplife #workforit
SFVOG x CPKB (Dessert OG pheno). Time to hit an all nighter in the garden tonight with @mnguyen206. Ppl that don't grow, just don't know how much time actually goes into this shit. #allnighter #workforit #fleshboneandblood
Your Wish Comes True When You Work For It You can toss a penny down a well or dip your hand into this fountain, either way, you choose to make a wish you have to work for it.
Rehearsals: Work for It Rehearsals Day 1. Here's a quick clip of us performing "Work for It" from my new EP Into the Wild. Can't wait to see you all in concert soon! For upcoming show ...
Don’t wish for it. Work for it|Female Fitness Motivation| Follow Lauren Drain Kagan Lauren Drain Kagan Registered Nurse Certified PT Bikini Pro Best Selling Author ...
Uh oh, Duramax Low Oil Light Came On Wen't to fire up the truck this morning and the low oil light came on. Not a huge deal as diesels are known to burn a little oil. Workforit Gear: ...
Honey Doll #WorkForIt (Video) Music By Honey Doll Performing Work For It GET IT HERE: (iTunes) (Google Play) ...
David Laid - MOTIVATION 2017 | WORK FOR IT David Laid - WORK FOR IT - Fitness Motivation 2017! A young powerlifter and a youtuber with a bright future ahead of him! • Athletes - David Laid ⚠ PLEASE ...

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