Simone Shepherd
My new boo from Badoo's ratchet exes stopped by to tell me..."He's the bomb!"💣💣😍😁 #LuckyMe w/ @SonyaeElise
I'm hosting a show for Astronauts Wanted called THE FEELS submit questions like this 1 to
Men's taste never change. As boys they want horses & as men they want horses. W/ Donnivin Jordan & Bria Myles That Chick
The things girls do to look good in the morning..... #MorningPitCrew #IWokeUpLikeDis w/ Donnivin Jordan, SONYAE ELiSE, Laila Odom
"You hit the Jackpot!" When a groupie finds out she having a rich dudes baby! W/ Laila Odom, SONYAE ELiSE
Reason Number 1 I Flake On My Friends w/ Brittany Furlan, SONYAE ELiSE, Torrei Hart
Gucci Bag w/ Donnivin Jordan
What your girlfriend is thinking when you ask her what's wrong & she says "Nothing" w/ Donnivin Jordan
Beyonce finds grown up Blue Ivy a Boo using Badoo w/ @SonyaeElise