Josh Scznsny
Being a Christian is free but it will cost you your entire life. Because no one has ever changed the world by living safe #pleasegetthis
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Only aiming just to praise em never caring about my playlist | until I'm brainless I'll be aiming just to make The Lord famous
Paul & Silas were put in jail after being beaten. Even In their pain, they "PRAISED" Jesus and an earthquake set them free from the cell.
undeserving of His grace but He saved me even through my mess | took me from my past and gave me life even through regrets 🙏
hallejuah to my Lord im never cussin when I rap it up | never passin blunts, because His word is what im passin up 🙏 #passtheword
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I am good, only because #Jesus found me. If it wasn't for Him, I would still be slaved in the ways of satin. #onlygoodbecauseJesusfoundme
God doesnt promise happiness or life filled with joy, there will be pain on earth. But all pain, will never compare to the joy thats coming
"Dont cry if i die cuz im aiming up, to be with my dad when He takes me home". 🙏 #heaven