Friend Zoned 😱✋ w KingBach, WoodyTheGreat
A mans favorite video game 🎮😂😂 w/ Christian DelGrosso #KingBach
ALWAYS save the J's 😂😂 (Extended version on my IG @KingBach) w/ Marcus Johns, Splack_19, Klarity, JJIsShow, #KingBach
Hit her with the Bug Spray like... 💨🐞 #AnnoyingGirlfriend 😂😂 w/ Jessica Lesaca #KingBach
Flat booty had me like... 👀 (Extended version on my IG @KingBach ) 😂😂 #KingBach
The Flat
When you see someone decline your call. 😥😂 w/ @JordanPeele @KeeganMKey (Extended Version on my IG @KingBach ) #KeyandPeele #KingBach
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@Nickiminaj has no manners 😎 #ilovenickiminajtho
The BachStreet Boys (Extended Version on my IG @KingBach) w/ Christian DelGrosso, Anwar Jibawi
Ain't nobody want that wack ass cereal #YassBitch w/ Christian DelGrosso, Anwar Jibawi #KingBach