Nash Grier
When your friend yells at your crush in middle school... W/ Alx James ( Inspired by goofys )
Waiters & Waitresses are always assuming what I want to drink #IWantALemonadeTho
Nash Grier
JUST HEARD THE SICKEST NEW BEAT DROP #swagger #dopemusic #undiscovered
Dear lord please help this man get the booty... W/ Will Grier to watch #magconfamily
I'm never making eggs again.
Just gave her the "D" w/ Mahogany *LOX* , Aaron Carpenter
Seriously I need a bandaid... #IknowImSmallChill
Teenage girl misses Throw Back Thursday w/ Carter Reynolds
Ratchet Rapunzel let's down her weave w/ Cameron Dallas #possiblyaremakeidk
Ratchet Central
I have weird names for the people in my phone #bigbooty w/ Cameron Dallas