Bundle Up Beetch!!!! #HoesBeLike ❄️❄️ #ZoNavy
White Boys have No CHILL 🚀🚀 #Assrocket
Yes Or Nah
That Awkward moment
#ZontZoDat - 🎶 why she got on open toes, and her feet look old- then she got on toenail polish, what's that color foot-control ??🎶
🎶Aye Yayo, them THOTS be drinkin Faygo don't believe me take one to her house that hoe gone be on GO MODE🎶. #THOTJUICE - 79c Faygo
"Well Hello Mr Police Man." 👋🚓
🎶Why she lookin like that, with them naps in the back & a outfit like that - I betcha didn't catch them shoes Payless OMG girl #ZontZoDat
When Girls Assume 🙈
Ratchet ass girl twerking all up in the club talkin bout you got dwn but them ni66as showed no LOVE Ahh Ahh Ahh #RatchetGirlRap
You Talk Toooooo Much 👊💢