Bundle Up Beetch!!!! #HoesBeLike ❄️❄️ #ZoNavy
(YOUNOW- GotDamnZo). --- (TWITTER -GOTDAMNZO)--- INSTAGRAM- iamzoie)
Shouting in a black churches be like ....😂😂😂
(When your BFF finally Got some GOOD GOOD!!) @CheyenneMon
when you wake up early in the morning sitting on the edge of your bed .... (Thinking of what to do 1st)
Rushing a girl w/ the horn is one way to piss her off
Moms will make up every type of bill she pay when she's fussing 😩+👵📺🚿💴💵💷
When tha Bae gets freaky on FACETIME 🚙💨💨💨💨💨💨
What are we living fo ?!? 👴👵+👎=😒
Everybody needs a little ME TIME!!!!!!!