Tayvion Power
When your parents tell you to wipe the table. /w DeStorm Power 😂
When I am home alone and hear noises. 🏃💨
When you couldn't go out to get something to eat. 😩😂 w/ DeStorm Power
When your parents tell you they're going to whip you when they get home. 😩 😂
That moment when you get EMBARRASSED in front of the class. 😂😂😂😂
When you THINK you bad enough to take on your parents. 😂 W/ DeStorm Power
Song Keys n krates - dum dee dum
Surfboard! 🏄 w/ @Tobi Baklayan and @noah248
One pinky pull up 😑 wtf. /w @DeStorm Power
When a cute girl answers your text on Badoo! 😁