The Spartan soldier & a strawberry: experiment with 300's end credit style.
Behind the scene: A Spartan soldier & a strawberry.
Kids, what are we going to do with the flashlight? Looking for Peter Pan's shadow!
Domino Effect: back to the early days of Vine (February 2013) #VintageVine
Behind the scene: Spartan soldier & an orange. Time to get messy.
A Spartan soldier & an orange. Behind the scene right after this. #AllNaturalVines
Flying across the Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast House.
Cottonwood Bed &Breakfast
Thanks for the smile, Robin Williams #RIPRobinWilliams
Bloomberg TV Indonesia
I'm on vacation. Going off the grid for weeks. Check my Vine Pinotski the videos.
Exit Ulujami Bintaro
Where was I? I was in Endor forest riding a Speeder bike. #vacation #pinoditavine
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