Family project: the attack of hand shadow puppets. #projector #animation
The imaginative Pinot family summons #tooba from the other side of the world!
Remake from old Vine project: THE UFOs ARE COMING! (behind the scene on my Instagram)
The BoxBot series. #CurriculumVine for Willy Sam
The Adventure of Alphabets - Mashable challenge (BTS on my Instagram) #OffThePage
The Attack of The Blueberries: another experiment with 300's end credit style without bloods :)
Behind the scene: The Attack of The Blueberries.
Get your talent spotted! Submit your Vine & IG video to cc @fastfilmfest
The Spartan soldier & a strawberry: experiment with 300's end credit style.
Behind the scene: A Spartan soldier & a strawberry.