DeStorm Power
HOOD TRANSLATOR "These hoes aint loyal" some1 in a better financial situation can easily secure ur spouse Alphacat, Wuz Good, Lexy Panterra
If what we say as kids CAME TRUE. w/ Tayvion Power
Voice Memo NEVER understands me... 😑 #LetMeSpeakWithYourMom #LetMeSleepWithYourMom
When your guest help themselves to the good stuff. w/ KingBach
When ppl say a word TWICE, it has a totally different meaning. w/ KingBach
The 4 phases of DIARRHEA. #NoMoreChalupas
Some things dudes just DON'T order. 😑🍭w/ SillyGirlCarmen #JustGetARainbowPop
Stand Up! #MikeBrown
Twenni Wan! w/ @alphonso McAuley @damaine radcliff
"Legend of the first J" w/Brittany Furlan, Jessi Smiles, Klarity, As Above/So Below #asabovesobelow (extended version on IG @destorm)