DeStorm Power
When you meet someone in person and feel cheated for "LIKING" all their pics. w/ Klarity, Inanna_xo, Official JaNINA #imTakingMyLikesBack
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DeStorm Power
Help don't come to the hood (w/ KingBach & DeStorm Power)
When compliments go too far. w/ KingBach, Klarity #AndThemBoxers #youguessedit
When you get caught looking back at a girls booty... 👀 w/ Julia Kelly, MelvinGregg #SoThirstay
When you check your phone in the middle of the night and the screen blinds you... 💡😒 #BeExtraBright
How Dads react to their sons dating VS daughters. 😡👊 w/ Tayvion Power, Official JaNINA
Headphones be getting dudes in trouble... 😑 w/ Pagekennedy, theerica_galloway