DeStorm Power
She don't date black guys. 👤
When someone gets a song stuck in your head. 😑 w/ Tayvion Power (extended version on my IG @destorm)
She too drunk to smash. 🍻👀😑
When the J's on display are my size. w/ Julia Kelly (Extended vines on my IG @destorm)
"she bad" literally. w/ Kid Ink, Klarity, Julia Kelly, Zac Mann (15sec version on my IG @DeStorm)
When someone spoils the movie for you. w/ Alphonso McAuley, Zac Mann, Julia Kelly 😡 #CantBelieveHeDiedAtTheEnd
When you get caught "liking" your own pic. 😂 w/ MelvinGregg (follow me on IG @destorm for extended vines)
That friend who never cleans out their car. w/ Alex G #alittlemessymyass
Thirst traps be like... 😑 w/ Julia Kelly (Extended Version on my IG @DeStorm)
Saw a Transformer in front of my house. 🚗