DeStorm Power
Who's your favorite celebrity/athlete we will find them and try to vine with them! KingBach
When ppl post OLD pics on Badoo. 😑 w/ Klarity, Brittney Dorey, MAX JR #smdh #picwas20yearsold #badoo
3 ways to sneak a fart. w/ TonyBakercomedy, MissVietnamUniverse2014 🚶💨
When ppl don't take "YES" for an answer. w/ Alphonso McAuley #nownobodygetsit
If ppl actually meant "give me a second" when they say it. w/ Eric Dunn, KingBach, Alphonso McAuley #one 💥👊💥
When you try to avoid someone you owe money. w/ Alphonso McAuley (extended version on IG @destorm)
That's a good password. w/ Klarity #mousetrapsFTW
Parents make you do a million things when you're in a rush. w/ Tayvion Power, Ben Taylor #cleanyourroom #dothedishes #passtheremote
Ppl can get away with anything on April Fools w/ KingBach, Lara Sebastian #aprilfools (alternate ending will be on IG @destorm)