Curtis Lepore
When your girl says she's pregnant Jessi Smiles #remake
Saying "goodbye" and walking in the same direction w/ KingBach
When someone tells me I'm cute w/ Lele Pons, AlliCattt, Esa Fungtastic
When your friends talk crap about something you like Christian DelGrosso, Matthew Espinosa, Max Jr., DANampaikid
When your crush thinks someone else is attractive w/ Logan Paul, Jake Paul
Music changes you w/ Christian DelGrosso
Fast food be like... w/ MARIO BAUTISTA (extended version on Instagram @curtislepore)
Taco Bell
Going to the movies like... w/ Lele Pons 🍬🍭#snacks #theyllneverknow @curtislepore
TECHNOLOGY IS A LIE 💻🍪 w/ Marcus Johns #zoolander