Brittany Furlan
I just need a real man. W/ Curtis Lepore s/b: Jake Moreno
How we all felt about that one kid who found all the Easter Eggs... W/ Christian DelGrosso, Simone Shepherd, Alx James, & Curtis Lepore
Easter Bunny House
Brittany Furlan
How most people decorate Easter Eggs vs How I decorate Easter Eggs w/ Brittany Furlan & Alx James #ButThoseBrownEggsTho
Meg giving me Terio eyes. #EvenMyDogsHateThisOrNawThing
Vine your ultimate bucket list and tag #contiki, #emptythebucket, & #brittany as I'm helping @Contiki_US choose 6 lucky contest winners!
Sick sick man! W/ Christian DelGrosso
Hellen Keller plays darts w/ @EricArtell, Jake Moreno, Christiano Covino & Allegra Masters
Why girls gotta carry so much shit in their purses? W/ Kc James
Someone hooked up with my boyfriend.... #otherwoman
My Vegan friend Jackie Rose Style