Adam Goldberg
Tennis at the institution. ("Blow Up"). Shot over 6 weeks on Arri Alexa, cut on Avid, mixed on Pro Tools, uploaded by NASA.
Been working on this vine for 3 months.
...then I woke up in Calgary.
Had a fucked up dream I was doing a tv show in Calgary...
A premature, potentially illegal peak from edit bay at my 3rd feature #nowayjose. Feat @ahnaoreilly y @erhosi2
Liquor Depot
Today in Calgary con Russell Harvard y Impossible USA Instant Lab.
Greetings from Calgary aka We've traced the Vine, Colin's coming from inside your room.
Adam Goldberg
We tried to bribe the gatekeepers at music-god blog @pitchforkmedia with a free Vine. They declined. But we made one anyway!